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West Bengal State Handicraft Expo 2011


Kolkata Weekend Shoots - Handicraft Expo - Milan Mela Grounds

West Bengal State Handicraft Expo 2011

Venue : West Bengal State Handicraft Expo 2011, Milan Mela Prangan, Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Date : 11.12.2011

Time : 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM

Members Present :

  1. Diganta De
  2. Diptish Naskar
  3. Argha Guha
  4. Amita Kar Dhavle
  5. Sneha Dey
  6. Abhijit Nayak
  7. Miyanka Paul
  8. Shan Bhattacharya
  9. Mitasree Chowdhury
  10. Arpita Roy
  11. Ritesh Ranjan Sett
  12. Tanmoy Saha
  13. Saptashaw Chakraborty
  14. Ashiwm Biswas
  15. Nilanjan Sengupta
  16. Subhasis Sen
  17. Kapil Sheth
  18. Kuntal Gupta

Group Picure Taken By : Kuntal Gupta

West Bengal State Handicraft Expo 2011

Life has been a routine set of activities since 2008, when I left college. Another busy week at office; another Saturday of daylong classroom lectures, followed by the as usual monotonous and lazy Sunday. But it was different this time. No more of hugging the bed till 11, no more of the Telegraph and the extra large cup of tea being served on the bed, no more of the ‘Luchi and Begun bhaja’, no more of the usual ‘Sukto’ and ‘Mutton kasha’ in lunch. If it is a Sunday, it’s time to wake up early, charge the batteries, take out the lenses, and gear up for a shoot. Being a KWSian one has found more pleasure in this somewhat unusual way of wrapping up the weekend.

Kolkata Weekend Shoots or KWS, adorably addressed by us, the members of the KWS family, is consortium of some very unique individuals sharing a common passion, the passion for Photography. We love to live life in a different way, we love to leave the confines of our daily life, we love to make friends, love to flirt, sing and dance, we love good food and more importantly, we love to see simple things differently, we love taking photographs. It is this ability and this passion that unite us. It is our way of appreciating the beauty of our city we call ‘Tilottama Kolkata’.

It has often been said that one has to live in the city of Kolkata in order to feel its pulse. It is chaotic, volatile, noisy and decaying. On the other hand it is vibrant, warm, indestructible, dynamic, alive and friendly. A state of affairs often baffling to the casual tourist but completely explicable to the Kolkattan.

Being the ‘Cultural Capital’ of India, Calcutta or Kolkata hosts some of the most extravagant fairs and events, which reflect the rich cultural and intellectual heritage of the city. In an effort to showcase the inherent artistic talents of the people of rural Bengal, the State Government organizes the annual ‘West Bengal State Handicrafts Expo’. Every year artisans from different parts of the state come to the fair to exhibit and sell their artifacts. From terracotta and other clay products, horn crafts, artistic leather goods, embroidery, kantha stitch and batik products, the fair is an abode for art lovers and collectors.

The exhibition has been conducted by the state government for the past 23 years. In its earlier days of glory it was held on the great ‘Maidans’ on a more grandeur scale. Protests and complaints from the pseudo environmentalists have now forced the fair organizers to move to a new location. Like all other fairs, the handicrafts expo too is now hosted on the Milan Mela grounds, opposite Science City on EM bypass. Being cut down in scale and number of exhibitors has not resulted in a decline in the fervor of the art lovers of the city. People still flock the fair in large magnitudes. Being admirers of different art forms, we at KWS could not have missed the opportunity of framing this grand event as well. So we planned the weekend shoot for 27th Feb, 2011 to be on the fair grounds. The member participation was great this time. The KWS veterans, the newest members of the family including myself, completely immersed ourselves in the crowd and have managed to capture the beauty of the art, the emotions of the people and environment through our lenses. Another tribute to our beloved and beautiful city.

Take a look at some of the most beautiful photographs taken by our members.

West Bengal State Handicraft Expo 2011

West Bengal State Handicraft Expo 2011

Venue : West Bengal State Handicraft Expo 2011, Milan Mela Prangan, Science City, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Date : 27.02.2011

Time : 3.00 PM to 6.00 PM

Members Present :

  1. Anirban Brahma
  2. Abhijit Nayak
  3. Prasun Dutta
  4. Arka Dutta
  5. Rishika Das
  6. Rajib Ghosh
  7. Arpita Roy
  8. Pritom Ghosh
  9. Mridul Biswas
  10. Banisree Gargi Basu
  11. Shan Bhattacharya
  12. Mitasree Chowdhury
  13. Priyajit Dutta
  14. Mriganka Banerjee
  15. Miyanka Paul
  16. Abir Choudhury
  17. Souradeep Roy
  18. Tania Sarcar
  19. Kuntal Gupta
  20. Tathagata Sengupta
  21. Bibhas Chandra Debnath
  22. Amitava Das
  23. Anirban Saha
  24. Plabon Das
  25. Shan Bhattacharya
  26. Ritesh Ranjan Sett
  27. Suman Das

Report Written By : Rajib Ghosh

Group Picure Taken By : Arka Dutta


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