Bawali Rajbari, Budge Budge

Bawali Rajbari, Budge Budge

Venue : Bawali Rajbari, Budge Budge, West Bengal, India

Date : 05.06.2011

Time : 1.30 PM to 8.00 PM

Members Present :

  1. Sonali Pal Chaudhury
  2. Anirban Saha
  3. Argha Guha
  4. Somik Basu
  5. Rudy Basu
  6. Somdatta Sarkar
  7. Sayan Samanta
  8. Suman Das
  9. Tanmoy Saha
  10. Abhijit Nayak
  11. Arpita Roy
  12. Nilanjan Sengupta
  13. Ranadip Kundu
  14. Rahul Dhavle
  15. Subhasis Sen
  16. Saumya Majumder
  17. Amita Kar Dhavle

Group Picure Taken By : Nilanjan Sengupta

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